Corrupted Light Saga is the 6th saga in the Killercode series. It is possibly the shortest saga in the series.

Plot Edit

The saga starts off with Kind saying "Wow, Pilot's dead, thanks a lot Jumpy". Jumpy then puts all the blame on Kind and they start fighting, which prompts Kind to punch Jumpy into a wall. A rock blows up and Jumpy charges at him and punches him into a rock. Kind grabs a rock and throws it at Jumpy, and Jumpy obliterates the rock and they both realize that fighting eachother is pointless. Kind then gets the idea to revive Light with the PC, but Jumpy says that he wants to revive Pilot. Kind assures him that Pilot wouldn't have wanted to be revived. Jumpy then tells him to enter the code, and Kind accidentally enters revive.Light(eviltrue), making Light corrupted and evil. Jumpy and Kind start arguing again, and not long after, Light appears. Kind starts exclaiming that they're saved, but Light tells him that they're not saved and cracks Kind's neck open. Kind falls to the ground, and passes out. Light picks up Kind and throws him into a rock, and he prepares a blast and shoots it which obliterates the rock. He prepares a Hakai but Jumpy starts glowing blue. He says a few lines before saying "We shouldn't have revived you in the first place." and then Light shoots the Hakai. Jumpy dodges the Hakai and the Hakai obliterates a rock nearby. Light charges at Jumpy and tries to hit him, but Jumpy dodges all the punches and flicks back the last one. Light grabs his arm and starts swinging him around, but Jumpy bounces off air and slams him into the ground which causes Light to get smashed into a rock.