The Guardian Appointer was a minor character first shown in the Artist Saga during Sepherene's flashback, and was a major character and died in the Dark Angel Saga.

Personality Edit

He is calm and peaceful and is nice to Guardian Angels who have excelled at school, and is lenient with angels in practice. He is only aggressive or violent when he needs to be, like when Sepherene destroyed his 2343253475892437539487543897543 god dollar keyboard. Sepherene fixed the keyboard, and the Guardian Appointer let Sepherene be a Guardian Angel 7,582,324 years ago. He is oblivious to what other Guardian Angels in practice are saying, including Sepherene at some points. He was shown to be picking his nose in the flashback, and not listening to Sepherene.

In the Dark Angel Saga, he was properly introduced. He was a major part of the saga. He hired Azakrhiel and Ignite to be Guardian Angels, to look over Goku and Vegeta. He did not know that later, Azakrhiel and Ignite were trying to purposefully harm the team. Later when he tries to stop Askanite from firing a blast at Sepherene, he gets killed by Askanite with the same blast. He starts to fade away and tells Sepherene that she was her best student, and then dies. Later in the saga, it is revealed that Sepherene will become the next Guardian Appointer because Guardian Appointer let her be the next Guardian Appointer in line. Sepherene claims that it's not right for her to just ''claim his throne", but the crew assures her that he would've been happy with her decision. Sepherene takes one last look at a picture of them being together, and decides to be the next Appointer. If he hadn't made the decision to make Sepherene a Guardian Angel and the next Appointer or to try to stop Askanite the fateful day, the crew would've all been dead. They take one look back and start to thank him, and will always remember and cherish him.