Irk Saga is the 2nd Good Saga in the Killercode Series. The saga was started after Stinger accidentally said "Irk" instead of "Ikr". Thinking this was funny, he repeatedly said it, causing Irk to spawn.

Plot Edit

The saga begins with Stinger and Game talking, and Stinger says "Irk", when he meant to say "Ikr". He then thinks this is hilarious, and repeats the word multiple times, which causes an orc to spawn whos name is Irk. Irk goes up to Game and stabs him, causing him to say "Oh" and pass away. This infuriates Irk, who wanted Game to do it right by saying "Oh", coughing, falling to the floor, and then passing away. He revives Game, and tells him to do it again. This goes on for a while, until Game almost does it right, until he pukes on Irk's shoes, which makes Irk extremely angry, and prepares to shoot a blast at Game and Stinger. Before he can, Game does a code to delete Irk's files, which doesn't work, since Irk is from Shadow of Mordor, and his files are not from their world. Irk continues to prepare his blast, until Stinger tells Game that he knows what to do, and Game gets worried that Stinger won't do it right. Stinger enters the codes, and Irk gets erased.

Later, while Game and Stinger are talking about their friends, Irk appears in front of them, and zaps Game, trapping him in a mirror. Game notices Irk, and demands to be let out. Irk ignores him, and Stinger asks Irk what he wants. Irk tells them that he wants revenge, and has had a major power improvement since his death. He told them that when Stinger was playing Shadow of Mordor, he accidentally pressed "K", which killed all of the orcs in his army, which also killed the creator of the game. He also mentioned that Game wanted Irk to be brought back, and told the creator about it. But, since the original creator was dead, Irk was able to escape the game from the help of someone unknown.

After he finishes explaining, he tells them that Game is no longer useful, and smashes the mirror whilst laughing maniacally, but before this, Game tells Irk that if he comes back, that he will kill him. Irk the turns Game into a picture, saying that it is "a fate much worse than death". Stinger asks Irk what they did, and Irk tells Stinger that he never fought him, and that Game did. Irk then picks up the picture, ripping it up and then erasing it. He then tells Stinger that he is going to erase everything, but only leaving Stinger alive. Irk erases everything, and teleports away. Stinger starts flying in space, and then notices the computer slowly being destroyed. He rushes towards it, and enters a code to revive Game, to transport him to Mordor, hoping it works. After this, the computer breaks apart and disappears before Stinger could transport himself to Mordor.

Game then appears in Mordor, asking where he is. It then cuts to Irk making a speech towards the captains, saying how he is going to erase everything that's every existed. One orc interrupts, and asks how this is even possible. Irk tells them that he already erased the real world, and takes an orb that shows Stinger floating in the sky, where everything used to be.

It cuts back to Game, realizing that he is in Shadow of Mordor, wondering how to play it. He then notices a sword, and picks it up. An orc is walking around, and notices Game, calling him "Tark". Game then assures him that he is not the protagonist. The orc says the he is human anyways, and tries to grab Game's sword. But, Game grabs the orc's hand and destroys him, causing a very loud explosion and screaming, which makes Irk ask "What the fuck was that?". One of the captains tells Irk that "Jeff" died, which was the orc that Game killed. Captain 69 is patrolling, rambling on about how he didn't get to listen to Irk's speech, and had to patrol instead. Game disguises as Captain 71 and goes up to Captain 69. Captain 69 notices him, but asks if he really is Captain 71, then who is his best friend. Game answers and says that it is Captain 69 who is his best friend. The Captain gets happy and believes that it really is him. Game asks the Captain how to get to the other island where Irk is, and the Captain says that he can, and Game follows him. While they're walking, Game stabs the Captain and prepares to blast him. The Captain yells out "TARK!", but Game assures him that he is not the protagonist. The Captain asks where he is then, and Game tells him that since Stinger isn't playing the game right now, he isn't here. Game then asks the Captain if he can die for him, and the Captain complies. Game starts getting a painful power boost, and starts flying, looking for the other island. He notices an orc, and asks him where the other island is. The orc tells Game to follow him, and Game jumps on his back, and spins his legs to make him drive like a car. They get to the water, and Game turns him into a motorboat, followed by the orc asking how he did that. Game screams "DRIVE BOY, DRIVE!", and the orc drives extremely quick. They get to the island, and the orc tells Game that Irk is still very far away, and he turns into a motorcycle and drives Game to Irk. Game tells the orc that he is a "captain", but the orc assures him that he knows he isn't, but he doesn't care, since he is a nice orc, but not was never branded. He tells Game that is really powerful, but is neither a captain or warchief, since he turned down the opportunity when Irk asked him if he wanted to do so. Game tells the orc about his friends, and the orc gets confused, only knowing who Stinger is. Game tells the orc that he can meet them some day, after they beat Irk.

While they are driving to Irk, they notice orc 1423, who screams out Game's name. Game then blasts the orc, and he hits Irk's head, enraging him, which causes Irk to torture the orc. Game watches what happens with his super vision, and tells the orc that Irk is torturing the orc. Irk then turns orc 1423 into a mirror, and smashes it, and then erases him. Game tells the orc that orc 1423 was killed, and they keep heading towards Irk. Game asks the orc how Irk is going to destroy everything, and the orc replies by saying "He's going to erase all the files of every game". Game says that it is easy to bring those back, since they have a PC, which then makes him realize that perhaps Stinger brought him back with his PC. The orc tells Game that his PC was erased, but Game says that he can make a new one. He snaps his fingers, and a regular PC appears. Game starts freaking out, and the orc tells Game that Irk absorbed the PC's powers. They reach Irk, and Irk is talking about his speech, and during that, Game asks the orc what his real name is before they probably die. The orc replies with "Rash", "Rash Bloodstorm". Game then explains how everytime he kills a captain, he gets a power boost. So they wait for Irk to finish his speech, so they can kill all the captains. Rash explains to game that Irk made every orc a captain, except for 5000 of them. Game tells Rash that it is easy to kill the normal orcs, and he blasts them all, which kills them. Irk finishes his speech, and goes into his stronghold, and the captains go back to what they were doing. Rash tells Game that Irk finished his speech, and that they need to kill 10,000 captains, but Game replies with "9,999, actually, since I killed Captain 69". They look for the captains, and notice Captain 9234 walking with Captain 625, who are talking about Beef Jerky. Game asks they can get their attention, and Rash tells him to observe. He gets a fishing rod and attaches beef jerky to it, which causes the two captains to run after it while Rash is reeling the rod in. They notice Rash and say hello to him, and Rash replies with "Oh Hello. And Goodbye.", and destroys captain 625, and then kills the remaining one. Game notices that his power is running out, and that they should use it up as fast as they can. They notice Captain 9935 sitting near a fire, and Rash tells Game to stealth kill him. Game jumps up and stabs the Captain in the chest, followed by Rash kicking him into the fire, and then cutting his head off to make sure that he doesn't return.

Game then gets another painful power surge, and they notice Captain 1, 5, 70 and 532, which makes Game freak out, telling Rash that there's 4 captains. Rash tells Game that he will take 2 of them, and Game can take the other two. Game makes it to where there is no noise, and kills Captain 1, except Game forgot that he can't code right now, so there was a loud explosion and screaming, causing Irk to wake up for a brief moment, and then going back to sleep. Game tells Rash to ambush 2 of the captains, and that he'll kill the remaining one. Game charges at Captain 70, and the captain tries to stab him, but Game grabs his arm, and kills him. Rash then gets the idea to just draw every captain near them, and Rash gets out a horn, blowing into it, which makes the captains say "IRK NEEDS US!". But Captain 1053 says that he doesn't want to go, which gets him killed. Game and Rash wait for the captains to arrive, and it takes 1.5 hours for them to get there. Rash is sleeping, and wakes up, asking Game how long has it been. They then hear someone yell "HEY FUCKER", followed by thousands of voices saying "Prepare to die." Game wakes up and notices the captains surrounding them, and wakes up Rash. Rash wakes up and gets confused. They then see an orc appear, who is the Elite Captain. He tells them that is the controller of the captains, and helps Irk. Game laughs and says that he is easy, and shoots a Bidaha at him, however, the Elite Captain flicks it back. He then tells the captains to ambush the two. Game starts shooting blasts everywhere, and Rash is throwing tons of poisonous spears. The Elite Captain calls them hooligans, and some of the captains die. They eventually kill most of the captains, only leaving Captain 10,000 and the Elite Captain. Captain 10,000 uses the "Human Extinction Attack", and Game uses the "Orc Extinction Attack". Game has trouble pushing back the Captains attack, and Rash stabs the Captain with a poisonous spear. The captain falls to the ground, and dies, causing the Elite Captain to say "Are you fucking serious?". The Elite Captain starts laughing, and charges up, calling them hooligans. Game asks why he says hooligans, and asks him why he sounds like hes constipated. The Elite Captain charges at him, and Rash tries to attack, but the captain kicks Rash, sending him flying through the air. Game gets angry, and starts charging the "Multiple Kamehameha Wave". He tells the captain not to fucking toy with him, and the captain says that the blast will only make him stronger, followed by Game saying "I don't think so", and shooting the blast. The captain tries to push the blast back, but gets pushed into the ground. Game pushes the blast even harder, and the captain gets obliterated. He asks where Rash is, and notices him laying against a fortress. Rash wakes up, and tells Game that he was kicked by the Elite Captain, and hit the fortress. The wall breaks apart, and Game gets confused, and asks if they should investigate. Rash then realizes that the fortress is actually a stronghold, and that it belongs to Irk.

Rash tells Game that they will quickly get in, find Irk, and kill him. Game says that's a good plan, but there's only one flaw, and Game says loudly "WE DON'T EVEN FUCKING KNOW WHERE HE IS!". They get interrupted by an Elderly Orc, saying that he knows where Irk is. Rash doesn't know if they should trust him, and Game assures him that they should. The orc says that Irk is on floor 43, and then asks if he can go with them, and Rash kicks him to the skies. They enter the stronghold, and Game screams Irk's name, followed by Rash telling him to be quiet. Game asks why should he, and keeps screaming. Rash then screams "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!", followed by a dragon waking up, who just burps and talks about how he hasn't brushed in a long time, and it goes back to sleep. Rash was surprised on how easy that was, and then accidentally steps on a trap, waking the dragon once again. The dragon then puts on the siren, and Game tells the dragon to stop. The dragon says that he will stop, only if they give him a toothpick. Game asks why he would want a toothpick over other things, and the dragon says to just get it anyways. Rash says that he already has one, and throws the toothpick at the dragon's eye. Game tells Rash that he is stupid, but the dragon starts happily thanking them, and let's them continue. It then cuts to them getting to floor 40. A guard appears telling them to halt, and then he proceeds to eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. A second guard then screams at the first guard, telling him that they were gonna share. Game then screams "IS EVERYONE IN THIS FUCKING STRONGHOLD RETARDED??!?!", and the guards start crying because they were called retarded, and then said that Rash and Game passed, and let them continue. It cuts to them getting to floor 42, and Game saying how something retarded is about to happen. They start to get near the steps, and Rash starts celebrating. A giant ogre then jumps in front of them while rubbing mud all over himself. Game says that's he's done, and blasts the ogre out of existence, and they then proceed to go up the steps to floor 43, where Irk lies. They get up to Irk's room, and ask where he is, followed by loud snoring, and Game says how Irk is really loud. Rash tells him to be quiet, but Game says that they came to kill him, so it doesn't matter. An alarm clock sounds, and Irk wakes up. He looks at his map, and notices that everyone has died, and Irk starts freaking out, wondering what happened. He then sees Game and Rash, and starts to laugh. Game wonders why Irk isn't scared, and Irk replies with "I knew Stinger would bring you back, I just love a good fight!". Game then screams at Irk to bring his friends back, to which Irk obliges.

All of Game's friends appear, and Stinger starts screaming, like he is still in space, but Game assures him that he is fine, and tells him to calm down. Stinger asks where he is, and Ref and Cashier want to know where they are as well. Game notices Goku and Vegeta, and asks Irk why he brought them, but he then quickly takes it back, and says that they actually need them. Doodlegod then says that he's here too, and then stabs Irk, saying that "we win", however, Irk grabs Doodlegod and slams him into the ground, giving him a cramp. Stinger then says "Let's end this", and Irk starts to power up. Everything starts to shake, and Ref calls Irk's power "incredible". Game then gets angry, and charges at Irk, but gets grabbed and slammed into the ground. Irk then summons 6 captains that almost have the same power as him, and tells them to attack Game's friends. Irk continues to fight Game, and it cuts to the Captains beating up Game's friends. Game starts to freak out, and asks if they are okay. Ref tries to reply, only to get smashed into the ground. Game gets surprised attack by Irk, and gets smashed into the wall, causing the stronghold to explode. Irk releases his energy, and starts maniacally laughing. The captains are still beating up Game's friends, and Game screams "STOP IT!", "THAT'S ENOUGH!", and starts to power up. Everyone stops what they're doing, and Irk tells Game to let it all go, calling his power "amazing". Game then shoots a Kamehameha at Irk, and Irk tries pushing it back, but starts having trouble. Game tells him to never mess with his friends, and smashes Irk into the ground. He then starts telling Irk to give up, and smashes him into a rock. Irk tries to shoot a blast at Game, but it gets flicked towards Irk. Game then shoots another kamehameha at Irk, and Irk starts struggling, and gets sent to the bottom of the Earth. Irk comes back, only to get slammed back down again. Irk then gets really angry, and gets really large, saying how that when he explodes, everything that's ever existed will be erased, including himself. Stinger then says that he's going to have to do something, and that it's the only way. He then teleports in front of Irk, and tells Game goodbye, and teleports himself and Irk to limbo, where they both explode and get erased. It cuts back to Game and his friends, saying how Stinger is now gone forever, and Game blaming himself for Stinger's erasure. They tell Game that it's okay, but Game says that it's not. They then say that they won, and Game says that they're right, and that they can finally have peace once more, although they don't have the computer.

All of a sudden while they are talking, a loud thunder bolt strikes the ground, and Irk appears, zapping Ref in the chest, killing him. Cashier starts to freak out, and Game makes the statement that Irk feels even more powerful than last time. Game asks Irk how he came back, and Irk tells Game that he was coded back in, and he was given Stinger's energy. He tells Game that he has a coder by his side, and also mentions that he talked about it when he turned Game into a mirror. Game asks where the coder is, and Irk refuses to tell. Cashier just stands there, calls Irk a bastard, and charges at him. He shoots a bunch of blast at him, and then shoots a "Final Dibaha" at him. Game tells Cashier to stop because he might die, and then Cashier creates a loud explosion, and smoke surrounds Irk. Game asks if he's dead, but the smoke starts to clear, revealing that Irk had no damage done to him. He then makes fun of Cashier, and flicks him into a boulder. Game then tells his friends to go find the coder, and take Cashier with them, so they don't get hurt anymore.

Irk then tells Game that he's ready to fight, and smashes him into a rock. Game tries to blast Irk, but Irk flicks it out of the way. Irk then shoots an extremely large blast, and says that he cannot be beaten. Game prepares to shoot a kamehameha, but Rash surprise attacks Irk, only to be slammed into the ground. Rash tells Game that Irk is a heartless creature, and that Game needs to kill him. Irk gets bored, and tells Rash that it was nice of him to drop in, and stomps on his head. Game gets angry, and gets another rage boost. Everything starts to shake, and Irk tells Game that he has been waiting for this moment all along. Game says "Fuck you" to Irk, and charges at him, and slams him into the ground. Irk then teleports behind Game, but Game turns around and punches him in the face. Irk is surprised over Game's movements, and they both prepare a kamehameha. They release their blast, but Irk's blast is stronger, and starts pushing Game back. All of a sudden, Game hears Stinger's voice, and hears him say "YOU HAVE TO BEAT HIM QUICKLY! REMEMBER EVERYONE HE'S HURT! ALL THE PAIN! NOW MAKE THAT YOUR POWER!". Game gets determined after hearing that, and releases more energy. Irk then screams "SAY GOODBYE!", and starts laughing. Cashier is then seen in the air, and shoots a blast at Irk, surprising him. Stinger then screams "NOWS YOUR CHANCE!", and Game releases all of his energy. Irk starts to break apart, and screams that he will be back, and Irk gets obliterated, along with a loud explosion. Game says that it's over, and starts laughing.

Since the ground exploded from the battle, Game was flying in the air, and fell to ground from exhaustion. Cashier runs to Game and asks if he's okay, to which Game replies that he is in a lot of pain, and isn't okay. Cashier then tells him that they need to catch up with the others, and then asks where Rash is, to which Game replies that Irk killed him. Cashier gets worried that they are losing everyone, and then tells Game that they found the hideout. They start flying, and Game tells Cashier that they could just teleport, but Cashier corrects Game, and tells him that since Game doesn't know where it is, they can't teleport there. Game then starts explaining what happened before Stinger and the others arrived, and then asks Cashier why he even attacked Irk. Cashier replies with "Ref was my best friend, and Irk killed him". They then arrive to the hideout, and notice everyone laying on the ground, dead. Game starts to freak out, and Cashier runs inside of the hideout, and notices an unknown person typing on a computer. Cashier says "Not so fast", and the unknown person turns around, surprised that they survived Irk. Game wonders who he is, and they explain that they are the reason why Irk has been coming back, and says that their name is "Dark Coder", also revealing that he is Irk's creator. He then laughs at Game for trying to ruin his plans, and then charges at him. Game gets smashed into the ground, and then Dark Coder proceeds to shoot a blast at him. Game tries to shoot a blast, but it gets flicked out of the way. Dark Coder smashes Game into the ground, and then jumps onto him. He starts to rapidly hit Game, and calls Cashier for help. Cashier shoots a blast at Dark Coder, only to get a beam shot back at him. Cashier falls to the ground, and passes out. Dark Coder says that Game has no one left, and teleports behind him, smashing him into the ground again. Game tries getting up, by falling to the ground. Dark Coder towers over him, and asks Game if he has any last words. Game tells him to just "do it", and Dark Coder shoots a blast, which starts shocking Game. Someone unknown then hops in, and shoots the blast, and says with a feminine voice, "You're welcome", and teleports way. They get confused, and wonder who that was. Game continues to fight, and charges at Dark Coder, but gets flung backwards. Game says that his attacks are too fast, and that he can't react in time, but then comes up with a plan. He tells Dark Coder to "kill him", and Dark Coder shoots a blast at him. Game starts screaming, and then all of a sudden the ground starts to shake. Game gets up, and an aura appears around him. He says that all of his friends have suffered due to Dark Coder and Irk, and charges at Dark Coder. Both of their fists collide, and Dark Coder teleports behind Game, and prepares a blast. Game then quickly turns around and flicks back the blast that hasn't even been shot yet. Dark Coder then shoots a bunch of blast, but Game dodges a lot of them, flicks back some of them, and then flicks the final one out of the way. Dark Coder prepares a large blast, and shoots it at Game, only to miss, as Game jumps out of the way of the blast. Game then grabs Dark Coder by the arm, and slams him into the ground, and quickly teleports away from him. Dark Coder gets on top of a floating rock, and shoots more blasts, but Game still dodges them. Game's eyes start glowing, and Game realizes that soon he will lose his new form. He starts to prepare a kamehameha, and dodges Dark Coder's blasts while doing so. He jumps on top of stray rocks while dodging more blasts, and Dark Coder shoots an extremely large blast. Game then jumps in the air, followed by Dark Coder saying how he cannot dodge in mid air, and that it's over. Game then jumps over the blast, and uses it to slide towards Dark Coder, and shoots the blast, obliterating him. The ground explodes, and Game is finally relieved that it's over. He then remembers that all of his friends are gone, and gets upset, but he then quickly realizes that Dark Coder had his own computer. He then looks around in the rubble, and finds Dark Coders computer, which is a laptop. Game then turns it on, and is greeted by a password screen. Game tries to guess the password, and types in "everyoneinthisstrongholdisretarded123", and it works. He types in the codes, and tries to bring Stinger back first, only for the computer to say that it doesn't have enough energy. Game starts freaking out, and tries to bring the rest of his friends back, which works. He then asks if Cashier is still alive, and Cashier says that he's fine. Game finishes bringing back his friends, and then tries to bring Stinger back again, but the computer starts struggling, saying slowly that it doesn't have enough power, and then dies. Game tries to freak out, and Ref says that there isn't anything they can do. Game continues to freak out, and Ref asks what happened to Game's original computer, and Game says that Irk erased it. Ref asks if they're screwed, but Game says that they aren't, they just don't have Stinger. Ref says that it's okay, and that they won. The narrator makes a closing statement, and the saga ends.