Sepherene is a powerful Dark Mage and a Guardian Angel, knowing White and Black Magic. Her first canon appearance was in the Irk Saga, but had a cameo in the Perfect Erik Saga, as an audience member for the tournament. She has been looking over Game and Stinger's crew for over 7 million years as a Guardian Angel, and became apart of the team in the Artist Saga. Her latest appearance was in the Dark Angel Saga.

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  • Game - Game is close friends with Sepherene, and Sepherene notices Game hitting on her but disregards it. In the future, Game eventually marries Sepherene. In the Dark Angel Saga, Sepherene is Game's fusee.
  • Stinger - Stinger is also close friends with Sepherene. In the Artist Saga, Sepherene helped Stinger by giving her 10000000% energy to kill Artist.
  • Ref - Not much is known about Ref's relationship with Sepherene yet.
  • Cashier - Not much is known about Cashier's relationship with Sepherene yet.
  • Goku - Goku is friends with Sepherene, but Sepherene sees Goku as stupid. Goku flirts with Sepherene, saying "she's my big mac baby" or "I'd eat her, but not like that".
  • Vegeta - Vegeta is friends with Sepherene, but is like Goku, calling her his burger wife.
  • Dan - Not much is known about Dan's relationship with Sepherene yet.
  • Rash - Not much is known about Rash's relationship with Sepherene yet.
  • Guardian Appointer - Sepherene is known to like and respect the Guardian Appointer, because she calls him sir. Not much is known about the relationship between the two otherwise. It is assumed they are friendship level.
  • Artist - Artist was neutral towards Sepherene until the Artist Saga, not knowing much about either, but Sepherene came from Artist's dimension, and escaped it quickly after it was destroyed around 94 B.C. Artist called Sepherene a 'foolish girl', but Sepherene gave Stinger energy to kill Artist in the Artist Saga.
  • Azakhriel - Sepherene used to be "friends" with Azakhriel, but Azakhriel secretly despised her. Ever since the Dark Angel Saga she now no longer likes him, and sees him as an enemy. During the Dark Angel Saga, Sepherene tries to spare Azakrhiel, but Azakrhiel tries to kill Sepherene, and Sepherene, in her Pure Angel form, sees the blast and completely destroys it with her own blast. Azakrhiel was killed by the blast, and she now thinks of him as "a good person gone wrong."

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